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Univac has been delivering a wide range of molded products and sub-assemblies to Automotive customers for a couple of decades. Our customers include several tier-one automakers who are key players in the industry.

Leveraging from our experience in manufacturing gears for electronics application, we have moved on to manufacturing more complicated gears for automotive application. Our range includes spur gear, helical gear, worm gear, dual gear and insert-molded gears. We are capable of conducting in-depth analysis of gear profile with micro-top to ensure that we can achieve the requirements of precision gears.

Besides component molding, Univac also offers multiple-insert molding and sub-assemblies of automotive products. Most of them are molded using engineering plastics like Peek, Glass Filled Nylon, PBT, etc. They are eventually assembled in various automotive modules like headlamp, door latches, steering, and wiper system.

With strong engineering background in both tooling and product design, we frequently engage our customers in co-development work which requires quick turnaround of design reviews and modifications. Both our facilities in Malaysia and China adhere to ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality standards. With tight control in our processes, we ensure that stringent specifications are met and repeatable in high-volume and high-cavitations production for the automotive segment.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Facilities with TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications
  • Design for Manufacturing Product Development
  • Rapid prototype
  • Multi-component molding
  • Over-molding
  • Multiple insert molding
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber molding
  • Manual or automated assemblies